Finland’s parliament defends closing its border with Russia in case of potential threats

The Administrative Committee of the Finnish Parliament brought to the table this Wednesday the need to close the border with Russia in the event of potential threats, for which it asked to update border laws, as well as legislation applicable in emergency situations.

“In accordance with the views agreed to by the committee, new provisions should be added to the legislation to allow, if necessary, the complete closure of the external borders of Finland,” said the chair of that committee, Rikka Bora.

“In practice (…) when Russia sends asylum seekers to the Finnish border, all the checkpoints can be closed,” explained Bora, who limited Helsinki’s Vantaa airport as a space to process all possible entry cases for foreign nationals.

The far-right Finns Party MP assessed that it was “important” that those seeking asylum be able to “focus temporarily and, in exceptional circumstances, somewhere else not at a border crossing near a foreign country,” informs the MTVNews portal.

The commission also considered strengthening the capabilities of border guards in case they had to solve any kind of threats, and cited as an example the possibility of distributing riot control equipment to contain tense situations in which a large number of people are concentrated.

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