Finland’s Eurobasket 2022 squad: players, stats and data for Spain’s quarter-final opponents

Markkanen, the great star.

Kill all enemies Finland Reached the quarter-finals eurobasketball 2022 by winning Croatia. Very similar story to Spain who beat nobody Lithuania in whose hand he won. In this way, the Spanish and Finnish teams will meet in the next round, giving access to the battle for the medals.

Laurie Markkanen He is the great Finnish star. A player who can score 43 points in the round of 16, an average of 65.5%. A success rate of 34 against the Czech Republic and 33 against Israel in the group stage.

Far from what it may seem, Finland will not be an easy opponent and could eliminate Spain in the quarter-finals.

Finland’s squad for the FIBA ​​Euro 2022 Championship

Finnish national team

player Site age equipment
Shawn Hoff forward force 38 Helsinki seagulls
Michael Jantonen eaves 22 Nutribullet Treviso
Henry Kantonen Shoot the guard 25 haters basket
Petri Koponen Shoot the guard 3. 4 Helsinki seagulls
I look a little Shoot the guard 19 Sunrise Christian Academy
Alexander Madson Center 27 Ike Athena
Laurie Markkanen forward force 24 Utah Jazz
Edon McConney Base 24 Den Bosch Heroes
Topias Palmi Shoot the guard 28 There was Limburg United
Sasso Saleen Shoot the guard 31 Lenovo Tenerife
Ilary Seppala Base 29 Saint Chamond Valley Basket
Elias Valtonen eaves 23 Manresa

Statistics and Finland’s leaders at Eurobasket 2022

Finland - Finland - eurobasket


  • Laurie Markkanen: 27.8 points (53.4% ​​in TC)
  • Sasso Saleen: 12.2 points (47.9% in TC)
  • Edon McConney10.0 points (43.8% in TC)

top rebounds

  • Laurie Markkanen: 7.7 rebounds
  • Mikael Jantonen: 4.3 rebounds
  • Alexander Madson: 3.5 rebounds
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maximum attendance

  • Edon McConney: 3.8 assists
  • Sasso Saleen: 2.8 assists
  • Ilary Seppala: 2.4 assists

highest ratings

  • Laurie Markkanen: 29.7
  • Sasso Saleen: 14.2
  • Edon McConney: 9.0

Collective statistics

  • Points scored for each game: 87.7
  • Points awarded for each match: 81.5
  • %TC: 45.8%
  • %3PT: 39.1%
  • %2PT: 52.8%
  • %TL: 89.22%
  • Rebounds per game: 34.3
  • Defensive rebounds per game: 23.7
  • Offensive rebounds per game: 10.7
  • Losses per game: 13.3
  • Steals per game: 6.7
  • Assists per match: 22.0

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