Finland will be an energy independent country in two years

Wind energy will be key to Finland’s goal in the coming years

At the moment with the serious energy crisis that Europe and most of the countries of the world are going through, saying that a country is energy independent can be considered one of the great treasures and values ​​that currently exist.

Finland understands this and has made a plan so that it can actually become an energy independent country in two years, this means that it will not need energy from other countries and that its power generation capacity will be enough to supply it with all the energy consumed in the country.

This has been developed by her Finnish Economy MinisterAnd the Mika LentellaThis confirms that the strong investments in national electricity production will soon bear fruit.

To achieve this, Finland is diversifying its energy production, relying mainly on wind and nuclear power, which it has New Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) Nuclear Reactor Expect to be fully operational in this month of December. This reactor will exceed 1,000 megawatts of power.

In terms of wind energy, Finland had a record year, and this is the case In the first half of 2022, more wind turbines have already been built than those built in all of 2021.

In numbers, 141 new wind turbines were built last year, while in 2022 (as of June) more than 154 new wind facilities were deployed.

Until the same month of June, Finland’s wind energy capacity is estimated at about 4000 MWthe ability to please at least 12% of energy necessary for the whole country.

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The Minister of Economy emphasized the following:

Last spring, we were able to completely break away from Russian power within a few months. The versatility of energy supplies, with an important role for national production, will give us some room for maneuver in the future as well.

You cannot go back to the previous situation. We know that Finland will be self-sufficient in electricity in two years. We have to thank the investments in national electricity production.”

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