Finland summary and goals

07/16/2022 at 23:16


The Germans left Finland no option to say goodbye to the European Championship without scoring

The German national team entered the quarter-finals without scoring a goal in its three matches

Germany They showed their dominant potential once again against weak Finland (0-3). no rotation Voss Tecklenburg They stopped the German momentum, which overwhelmed the Finnish team with no options.

data sheet

Euro 2022





Talaslahti. Heroum, Pikkujamsa, Kuikka, Koivisto (Auvinen, 45 min); Engmann (Athens, 71′), alanine, somanine (Oling, 65′), gulanine (Sino, 65′); Salestrom (rantanin, 81d), Quimby.


Froms Gwen (Hendreich, 45′), Dorson, Heggering (Anomie, 45′), Kleinhern; Däbritz, Lattwein, Dallmann (Freigang, 76′); Huth (Brand, 64′), Bob, Buhl (Wassmuth, 64′).


0-1 m 40 Kleinhern. 0-2 m 48 bob. 0-3 m 63 aniomi.


Tess Olofsson (Sweden). Aamir: Bekogamsa (65 minutes).


MK stadium. 12,000 spectators.

The Germans dominated the entire game from the start. However, it was not even the edge of comfort when Kleinhern He finished with a header and an empty goal to open the scoring.

At half throttle and after the holiday, goals poppyAnd the head and they recently entered anisome They ended a meeting without a date serving Germany Preparing for the collision From the quarter-finals against Austria Already Finland To bid farewell to his bitter journey European Championship in England.

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