Finland presents its new campaign to attract foreign tech workers

Finland’s Innovative Scheme will provide selected applicants with all necessary documentation, accommodation, childcare, telework facilities, introductions to technology centers, and assistance with permanent residency.

Finland offers foreign talent the chance to savor what it’s like to work in Helsinki, the capital, for 90 days. The country received more than 5,300 applications; The Americans, Canadians, and the British were among those drawn to the campaign. “We are not the first on many resettlement lists, but we do know that once people arrive, they tend to stay,” said Joanna Horry of the Helsinki Business Center, who designed the campaign. “There is a lot of competition for talent globally, so we had to think creatively.”

Finland has a 6 billion euro popup scene with the largest number of digital startups per capita in the world. Multinational tech companies like Google, Bayer and GE Healthcare also recently opened branches in the country.

The Helsinki Business Hub will provide the 15 selectees with a car for airport pick-up, cultural orientation, typical Finnish experiences, remote work facilities, introductions to local business networks and all necessary documents for a three-month stay. The agency does not pay for airfare and accommodation, but if the test goes well, all workers can apply for permanent residency.

“It was the Finnish 90 Days program to showcase Finland,” said Jonas Halla of Business Finland. “The good thing is the pragmatic approach. The technology sector here is really booming. According to one estimate, they should create 50,000 new jobs by 2021. We need talent.”

According to Halla, an important factor in convincing foreign workers is the Nordic social security system, with generous paternity leave and universal healthcare. “We want to preserve our welfare state model in the North, and we need the talent and the investment to make it happen.”

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