Finland has its own team to face Argentina

Finland decided to select its next team in the Davis Cup months ago, for the qualifying round, where it should host Argentina.

Qualifying qualifiers

at the time of check-out 2023 Davis Cup QualifiersArgentina suffered a severe headache when having to face Finland and as a visitor. This tie will take place in Metro Espoo Arenain that Finnish city, with a capacity of 7,000 spectators, and between March 4 and 5. This interesting duel on hard courts, certainly indoors, will take place immediately after the Australian Open, so this tournament will also be important considering that the players arrive in good shape.

For this encounter, Finland’s captain Jarkko Nieminen, the historic ex-player, has already confirmed, with more than half in advance, the home team. It will be the maximum actor Emil Rossovorythe strong card of the European group and the only one in the top 100, accompanied by Otto Virtanen, from good junior results and an occasional good week on the Challenger circuit last season. The pair will be the leader Harry HeliovaraNo. 11 in binary ranking, and options for Patrick Niklas Salminen previously Aero Vasa. It is also possible that one of the singles will be used in a doubles match.

For his part, Guillermo Correa, captain of the Argentine Davis Cup, continues to excel with the players, and surely in the first days of January they will publicly announce the squad for the Albiceleste squad for the visit of Espoo. to highlight, Diego Schwartzman, the top-ranked Argentine, scored 1-1 against the Russoforiwith ‘Little’ triumphing at Indian Wells 2022, the only hard court encounter.

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Finland Davis Cup 2023 Qualifiers

  • Emil Rossofori (No. 40 in the ATP singles rankings)
  • Otto Virtanen (No. 176 in the ATP singles rankings)
  • Hari Heliovara (No. 11 doubles ATP ranking)
  • Patrik Niklas Salminen (No. 143 ATP doubles ranking)
  • Aero Vasa (No. 349 doubles ranking)

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