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In the past few years there have been annoying topics or terms in 1. FC Union. Three years ago, Berliners didn’t want to use the word promotion until shortly before the end of the season. Stop last season The European Cup is long on the index. Max Kreuz’s statement from last spring is currently on the nerves of the Bundesliga team.

I would like to see the European League. Somehow I didn’t feel like the Europa League. The striker said at the time, “I don’t even know what this is. On Thursday (6 pm) Al Ittihad will start the new conference league with an away match at the Kuopion Palloseura or KuPS for a short time. A week later, the return leg will take place at the Berlin Olympic Stadium. Player interviewed in the past few weeks, the union pros rarely spared a question about Kruse’s lethargy at the time.

It is not known how the former international and Olympian major thinks about the Conference League. Apart from TV interviews, Kroos does not speak to the media. But in the rest of the team, there is certainly joy, even if it is the smallest of the three European Cup competitions.

But what does this mean? Just ‘for a club like 1. FC Union. When I am Franz Beckenbauer or when I play for FC Bayern Munich, the Conference League is a second-tier competition,” said goalkeeper Andreas Luth in one match. Kicker interview. But when you are in Union Berlin, it is something special. We struggled for a year for the league conference.”

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Timo Baumgartel, already active in the European League with PSV Eindhoven, also sees himself as Loth. Playing every three days is what you want as a footballer. “It’s a new competition and an exciting thing,” said the centre-back. Everyone at the club is looking forward to him.”

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