Filippo Mazzi is celebrated in Machiavelli; La Gazzetta di Luca

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Sunday March 21, 2021, 12:57 pm

Festivities were held in Filippo Matzi’s honor in the main hall of Machiavelli High School. The event is part of the Week of Filippo Mazzei, organized by the Circolo Filippo Mazzei Association in Pisa.

The theme of the Lucca event was: “Lucca: Filippo Mazzei, Relations with the United States, American Art, and Italian Influence”

Carlotta Romualdi drove.

Filippo Mazzi, also known as Philip Mazzi (Poggio Caino, December 25 1730 – Pisa, March 19, 1816) was an Italian physician, philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment, and essayist.

His historical personality reappeared at the end of the twentieth century thanks to the intensification of academic studies on the occasion of the bicentennial of the American Revolution, until he was honored on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth in 1980 with a special medal. Issuance of common stamps for the Italian and American Post Office. On the bicentennial of the death of Filippo Mazi (Poggio a Caiano 1730 – Pisa 1816), the club dedicated to his memory, in cooperation with the municipality of Pisa and the entities, cities and entities that shared the intention, Celebration Week, “Week of Friendship with Philip Mazi”, as a moment of dedication to the character of this great man A friend of the first five presidents of the United States.

The organizing scientific committee prepared in the week of 13-20 March of each year a series of moments of cultural confrontation between Italian and American academics in places with great historical themes of activity in the life of our Tuscany that intersect with events with tourism. Artistic giving and food, with local institutions, the right to recognize Filippo Mazzi and his wonderful life story “Tuscan Made of America” ​​who chose Pisa and Tuscany for the last 24 years of his life after working and living in his youth. A doctor (Florence, Livorno, Smyrna) and a merchant (London) who followed a revolutionary, political and constitutional expert (USA) and thus an ambassador in Virginia (Paris) and advisor to the court (Warsaw) and then decided to return to live in Tuscany, Pisa, the “new Socrates”.

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Since Filippo Mazi was often a guest of the Marchesi Lucchesini, in the palace of the same name, which is now the headquarters of Liceo Classico Machiavelli, yesterday the event took place there. School Principal Mariachristina Pitorini received honors, describing the bicentennial history of Machiavelli High School. Share the following:

Eugenio Gianni

President of the Tuscany Region Council

Alessandro Tambellini

Mayor of Lucca

Donatella Bonribossi

Luca and Massa Studies Supervisor

Giorgio Bartoli

President of the Lucca Chamber of Commerce

Mauro Seeley

A. Celli Group

Rajini Gupta

Consul General of Tuscany in the United States of America Emilia-Romagna S. Marino

Ilaria del Bianco

President of the Lucchesi Association of the World

Francesco Marceloni

Vice President for International Relations UNIPI

Massimo in costume

Head of Circolo Filippo Mazzei from Pisa.

The result was an interesting debate that will be broadcast on Wednesday March 24th, at 9:00 pm, at Canale 50.

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