FIFA Person of the Year: landslide victory for ‘nik_lugi’

With nearly three-quarters of all the votes, Niklas ‘nik_lugi’ Luginsland was named FIFAe Person of the Year 2021 by the community.

Niklas ‘nik_lugi’ Luginsland has been awarded this year’s Personal FIFAe Award on Twitter.

Nearly 13,000 votes were cast last week in the FIFAe Person of the Year election via Twitter, and in the end there was a clear winner: Niklas ‘nik_lugi’ Luginsland won by a landslide 73.3 percent.

The community voted on the official FIFAe Twitter channel. James Tolando 77 Toland of Scotland came in second with 12.9 percent of the vote, ahead of Jimmy “Gamudo Odoherty” (9.3) of Australia and Germany’s Lena “RBLZ_LENA” Goldenbweinig (4.5) of Leipzig.

The basis of the award, of course, was the sporting successes of the “nik_lugi” team last year. The 25-year-old has won the Eligella Cup twice – in March with Niklas-Wilson ‘Willy’ Sommer, in December with Koray ‘KKoray’ Kücükgünar.

In the virtual club Bundesliga (VBL) by Pifstor, celebrate the championship for the first time with 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 in pre-season, and this season the newly formed team sits in sixth place. ‘Nik_lugi’ extended the contract with Leno eSports for another year in the fall.

He was already a young streamer this year

Perhaps more than sports successes, perhaps the popularity of “nik_lugi” as a content creator contributed to the choice. Logensland, who suffers from vitreous bone disease and therefore uses a wheelchair, has been active on Twitch for nearly two years.

He now has over 55,000 followers. That’s why it happened last year EarlyGame Awards He already won the Young Streamer of the Year award. Luginsland embodies the full power of esports and gaming inclusion.

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