Ferrovial wins Acciona and ACS in Australia for 1,460 million

Ferrovial beat Acciona and ACS in a bid for one of the largest public works tenders underway in Australia: the Coffs Harbor Bypass. The group led by Rafael del Pino and Ignacio Madrigjos, in alliance with the Malaysian company Gamuda, will build the bypass of this city within the Pacific Highway. The project budget is around A$2,200 million (about €1,460 million at current exchange rates).

The Ferrovial and Gamuda consortium has been selected by the New South Wales government to implement the contract for the Coffs Harbor Bypass, a 14 kilometer long walkway that includes The final section of the Pacific Highway upgrade.

Business scope covers a total of 14 kilometers, consisting of A circular road with a length of 12 km From the junction of England Road to Korora Hill and an upgrade of 2 km of the existing Pacific Highway from Korora Hill to Sapphire Beach. The project will include three tunnels at Roberts Hill, Shepherds Lane and Glittes Road.

On the Pacific Highway that connects Sydney and Brisbane, Ferrovial has already carried out important work. Specifically, in alliance with Acciona, it was responsible for the design and construction of a 19.5-kilometre section of the new highway between Warrell Creek and Nambucca Heads, at the connection between Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbor. The budget for this contract, which was completed in June 2018, was A$550 million (€370 million).

Ferrovial and Gamoda won the final bid against the two other finalists, both also in the presence of a Spaniard. It is formed by Acciona and Seymour White, an Australian company owned since 2017 by the French group Vinci; and by CPB Contractors, a local construction company of ACS, and Italian WeBuild – Editor Salini Impregilo. Funding for the work is provided by state and federal governments. The official calendar sets the start of works in 2022 and completion in 2027.

Ferrovial and Acciona have joined forces in the past to submit multiple bids

And so Ferrovial, Acciona, and ACS saw each other again in one of the Large public works tenders in Australia. The three Spanish groups are emerging as major players in the country’s infrastructure development and their presence in final bids for this type of project is frequent.

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In fact, Ferrovial and Acciona have collaborated in the past on many tenders, having succeeded in several of them – as well as the group headed by José Manuel Entrecanales and ACS-. The last one happened nearly a year ago, when They got the central section of the Western Sydney metro line, in New South Wales. The project is valued at A$1,960 million (equivalent to approximately €1,240 million). It is one of the most important works of this country. The companies will build two 11 kilometer long twin tunnels. They will also implement the construction of five stations and associated services. Work is expected to be completed in 2025.

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By holding the Coffs Harbor Bypass, Ferrovial has solidified its position in Australia, the country it has been in for 20 years and in which it has developed some of its most relevant infrastructure projects. In its Horizon 2024 strategic plan, the group excluded Australia from its priority markets, placing it in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Latin America. However, the company Maintains interest in the state from a more selective view of contractsAnd the Both in the field of construction and exploitation Infrastructure by Cintra.

Ferrovial entered Australia through its branch at the airport in 2002 When he got to manage Sydney Airport. In addition, its Toll Roads subsidiary has implemented projects such as the Toowoomba city bypass (Queensland), which received an investment of €1,100 million, or the Western Roads Upgrade project in Melbourne. With the construction department, it has been permanently present in the country since 2011, having been involved in connecting and improving the access network to Sydney’s North Beaches Hospital or to Harwood Bridge.

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The Coffs Harbor contract is the largest of the year for Ferrovial, which will further enhance the construction portfolio, Already at extreme levels. At the end of March I stopped at 12,231 million euros. This year accomplished great contracts like Paris metroa section of Spain’s high-speed rail and several highways in Texas and North Carolina (US), among others.

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