Fernando Alonso was run over in Switzerland

Fernando Alonso suffered a serious setback Thursday while training near his home in Lugano, Switzerland. A car hit him while he was riding a bike, causing a serious accident that required him to be taken to hospital. Asturian, a huge fan of cycling, suffered an accident in the afternoon while walking down a road like every day. “Alpine F1 confirms that Fernando Alonso had a traffic accident while riding a bike in Switzerland. Fernando is conscious and in good health, waiting for new medical checks tomorrow morning. Alpine F1 will not comment further at the moment. Tomorrow there will be more updates », his team announced.

The exact facts of the event are unknown, although they will appear in the near future. Alonso has, at least, bruises and possibly a fracture. According to various media outlets, Al-Asturian suffered a severe blow in the face, and his jaw and teeth were affected. Sources close to Asturian indicate that Alonso will be treated by a maxillofacial surgeon in Bern (Switzerland).

Alonso usually rides his own bike. It’s the Adrenaline SL model from MMR Bikes, a manufacturer based in Avilés (Asturias) that is also one of its main sponsors. Made of carbon fiber and aluminum in mono pieces, it is a perfect model for combining alpine roads like the ones the Spaniards usually use in their training sessions.

This bike, which he usually takes everywhere on his trips, was the one he used, for example, in one of the most curious ways he shared on social media. While in Asturias after confinement in March, Alonso took his bike from the garage to cover nearly 200 kilometers from his home in the principality to the shrine of Our Lady of Covadonga, in the days leading up to the Indianapolis 500 conflict. This time Santina was not so lucky in that competition, but he explained that The Asturian star is at his best at the age of 39.

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Preparing for the season is in danger

Although the team confirmed that Alonso is well and aware and that the injuries, according to the first information in the absence of a medical report, do not appear to be serious, the truth is that this is a serious setback in the middle of the pre-season period. The Spaniard was full of confidence and enthusiasm in his preparations to return to Formula 1 after two years, and he was keen for it to arrive on March 12 in the first of the only three test days that will be in 2021.

This fall can drastically affect your physical preparedness, or at least force you to take a break for a few days. From Alpine, they are confident that what happened will remain a mere intimidation and he can complete the planned program, whether in the pre-season period or of course at the start of the campaign on March 28th, whether at Bahrain Circuit. Early on Friday, Albin or Alonso himself is expected to release a statement confirming the extent of his injuries and providing more information about what happened.

Unanimous support

Once the news spread, Alonso began receiving messages of support from everywhere. Carlos Sainz, one of the closest friends of the Asturians, was the first to issue an encouraging tweet from Italy: “Let’s hope it is nothing and you recover as quickly as possible”, as the son of Madrid desired, the plural form indicating that he goes a lot on his side, like his father and Ferrari himself, Alonso still has good friends.

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Competitors like Team Haas, former drivers like Romain Grosjean and even President Pedro Sánchez sent their power to Alonso. “Much strength and all the best wishes to Fernando Alonso. We expect casualties from this accident to be minimal. Big hug! The prime minister wrote on Twitter.

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