Fernando Alonso gets run over in Switzerland – motorsport

Thursday culminates in bad news arriving that refers to Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso, who had a traffic accident while riding a bike near his home in Lugano, Switzerland.

According to the releases that appeared in the Italian press, he ran over an Asturian while he was training his bike, an activity he does regularly, especially at this time, in the full pre-season of world competition.

Early reports indicated that the Formula 1 duo champ, who this year was returning to the class to drive an Alpine F1 (formerly Renault), was going to suffer some fractures to his face.

The French team issued a brief statement in which it reported the traffic accident carried out by the pilot, indicating that the Asturian was conscious and in good condition, but he will remain in the hospital at least until Friday for that more. Tests can be done.

In addition, the French team indicated that it will not release any other official statements until tomorrow, Friday, after knowing the results of the tests conducted by the pilot.

Formula 1’s first activity will be pre-season tests that will be held from March 12-14 in Bahrain, before the start of the dispute over the tournament’s first date, scheduled for Sunday 28 March.

Photo: AFP.

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