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Popular trader and cryptocurrency analyst Justin Bennett said that Bitcoin (BTC) is ready for a rally, while emphasizing the importance of all three digital currencies.

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Bennett, BitcoinHe said he doesn’t have high hopes for the parabola this week.

“I know a lot of people are expecting an equivalent movement of bitcoin every day. But I don’t have high hopes for this reason.

Bitcoin will need to rise above $63,000 on a daily basis to break above $66,000. Then there will be a $70,000 level in front of it.

In the short term, the most likely path is a test of the $55,000 level.

I think it’s essential to have an open mind here, as everyone should while uniting.”

Bennett continues to say that crypto assets could rise again:

“Bitcoin could prepare for a rally to $63,000 in a few days.

In these types of consolidation periods, it is better to look for short-term opportunities or not to look for anything.”

merchant , EthereumHe also analyzed the case of:

“Ethereum is trying to hold the $4,200 level I mentioned recently. If the asset breaks here, it could go up to $4,400 again.

I think $3800-$4,000 is the level of support to get.”

Bennett thinks Chanlink (LINK) will go down:

“LINK is currently getting some support at $28 as expected. If it closes at $24, it could go back to $21.”

Merchant at last VechinHe also mentioned that the asset should be ready for a possible retest of $0.12.

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