Fair and luthiers: This is the alliance of “Know-how”

Cremona – Cremona Musica, and with the exhibition Cremona Musica, a crossroads of encounters, a place and time where Cremona acquaintances can meet professionals, buyers and musiciansFrom September 23-25, CremonaFiere will be the place to play music, buy instruments, participate in conferences and auditions, concerts and seminars, all in the name of the art of the pentagram, from stringed instruments to cut instruments, from wind to piano. In this context, it combines work and artCollaboration between CremonaFiere, the union of violin makers Antonio Stradivari and ICE is central to a joint business strategy that will bring 15 buyers selected by the consortium to the show. From Spain, the United States, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Colombia as well as 50 international buyers selected by Ita Agenzia’s foreign offices. To illustrate how the collaboration between the Violinmakers Consortium and CremonaFiere is the director of the exhibition body, Massimo de Bellis.

CremonaFiere Director Massimo de Bellis

Cooperation with the consortium has already been active on several fronts for several years. We believe that collaboration and synergy are two factors to achieve the best outcome for Cremona Musica, for the sector and for Lothairs. Recognizing these opportunities, we have considered ways to engage international buyers. On the occasion of the meeting to present the activities of the exhibition a few months ago with Luthiers and Societies, a Consortium, through the President, Maestro giorneo Grisalishas taken an active role in reporting on international operators that will be brought to Cremona as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Made in Italy promotion plan that includes Cremona Musica.”

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What goals and relationship do you want to build with the world of Lutheran?

“The purposes are very simple but strategic: We want to establish and increase the centrality of Cremona in the field of music, starting with the unique exhibition in the world of high-end musical instruments.. The most successful exhibitions always depend on the cooperation of the organizer and local institutions, but also national institutions, when the event is unique in the world panorama. In Cremona, especially starting with the 2020 edition of Cremona Musica, we have introduced an innovative format that includes the entire territory and it was possible to do this with the intervention of institutions (municipality, chamber of commerce, district and associations) in addition to specific realities of the sector. Among them the consortium is the protagonist. Thus the path foretells an approach between territorial, equitable and Lutheran, so as to make the fair experience more and more regional. This method will capitalize on the global uniqueness of the Cremonese offer.”

How will you materialize in this edition?

«In this version there will be many initiatives, more than 100 events are already on the calendar, but the accuracy of the approach I have just described will find its achievement in the built and shared participation of international operators. CremonaFiere provides international roadshow and inbound activities joint with Ita Agenzia, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The significant collaboration between Consorzio Liutai Stradivari has already resulted in the selection of 15 buyers from Spain, USA, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Colombia as well as another 50 international buyers selected by Ita Agenzia’s overseas offices. These buyers will be an important business opportunity for our repair specialists present at the showroom.”

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What contribution can CremonaFiere make to the consortium and vice versa?

The uniqueness of the trade show display that has been experienced since 2020, with the inclusion of events in the city, has made it possible to create a program for upcoming buyers who have never seen it before.. The increase in internationalization is clearly one of the competitive assets that CremonaFiere is launching for the benefit of the event and the actors involved, from territory, to associations, from miniatures to commercial realities. The union’s willingness to report on buyers has been key and demonstrates how beneficial the synergistic and joint actions can be for all.”

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