Evelyn Ortiz, a National Athlete, has secured the capital to be able to go to the World Masters Championships, which will be competing in the European nation of Finland, at the end of June.

national athlete Evelyn Ortiz, He pointed out on this day thatHe managed to get the capital he needed, To be able to travel to Finland And be able to dispute World masters in athleticsin that country.

Information you highlighted in her account Twitter, Where he states that he can move to a city Tampereto compete in the global event.

Kourikana posted the message on her personal account, noting: “I can finally say that, I’m going to the World Cup. Thank you for every contribution you made, you can’t imagine how happy I am. I am so grateful to Initial impulse To trust my career again.”

The World masters in athleticsin Tampere, Finland, between June 29 and July 10. This contest is back! two years without edition, product of the COVID-19 pandemic.