European Union. Airports are busiest on Thanksgiving


Airports and commercial airlines On Wednesday, November 24, the United States recorded one of its busiest days since the pandemic. Because millions of Americans traveled to visit loved ones over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Fortunately, thousands of Americans today, I had the opportunity to fly a few days before ThanksgivingBecause they work from home. This way, last minute rush on your flights is avoided.

“So far so good. It was a bit hard to find parking, but it didn’t seem too crowded.” said Lani Emmanuel, who was traveling from Los Angeles to Seattle to see her daughter.

however, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) advised passengers to arrive early For extra safety time.

American operators have also increased capacity, Expect an increase in demand on Thanksgiving EveCirium data showed.

So far, Thanksgiving is shaping up to be the busiest Christmas season in two yearssince the epidemic. Because coronavirus vaccination rates have increased, giving Americans more confidence to travel.

On the other hand, experts recorded record amounts in the economy Americans who spent money on recreational activities Such as traveling away from home or abroad, eating, and doing various outdoor activities.

What is more, Transport companies have increased the number of their employees and provided incentives or rewards to its employees to ensure that it retains sufficient resources to fulfill its services in a timely manner to the public.


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