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Even if Danish star Christian Eriksen’s dramatic collapse overshadows the 1-0 win, Finland can enter their next group match against Russia on Wednesday (3:00pm CET) with plenty of optimism.

With the “triple” in Saint Petersburg, the newcomer to the European Football Championship will be in the round of 16 if Denmark plays its maximum draw against Belgium a day later. But the coup should be the first victory over the Russians in nearly 109 years.

The game in the live stream البث

The Finns defeated Russia 2-1 on June 30, 1912 at the Olympic Games. The premiere was for the Russians, whose empire at that time still belonged to the Grand Duchy of Finland. The two teams have not faced each other in more than 80 years, and since 1995 the Finns have suffered the same number of defeats in four matches.

The Finns on the counterattack

“When we started this tournament, we had a dream. Beating Denmark was the first achievement. We already have the following milestones in mind,” coach Marco Kanerva said on Tuesday in St. Petersburg. “We are looking forward to the match. We took a lot of confidence from the Denmark match and believe we can be equally successful tomorrow.” Again, you can expect Finnish defensive forces in the event of a counterattack.

It also worked on Saturday, when Denmark were defeated 1-0 thanks to a goal from Joel Pohjanpalo after boycott and concerns for Eriksen, who is now recovering. “We are happy that Christian Eriksen is feeling better again,” Kanerva said. “We will never forget these photos even after the tournament.” “The Denmark match was a big challenge – in every way. We recovered well from it.”

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Russians with EM . series of losses

The Russians were waiting to win six matches in the European Championship, the last of which was a 4-1 victory over the Czech Republic in the group stage in 2012, after all, “Spornaga” reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup. In 2018. Now, Stanislav Cherircheso’s men have deservedly lost 3-0 in the opening match against Belgium and they are already under heavy pressure. “It was sad,” Mario Fernandez said of the atmosphere in the Russian team after the first game. “Now the mood is right again.”

It seems that this is much needed if we are to turn things around. “We have to stop the stupid mistakes we made against Belgium, eliminate the flaws in our game and think faster,” said midfielder Roman Supnin. Alexey Miranchuk was waiting for patience. The Finns are accustomed to defense and counterattack. “We have to put pressure on them not to do that,” the midfielder said. “We have to be patient.”

Schirkow threatens EM-Aus

Meanwhile, the most experienced Russian player is threatened with the end of the European Championship. Defender Guri Sherko injured his right knee against Belgium and had to be replaced. “I’m afraid we lost him throughout the tournament,” Tschertschessow said of the 37-year-old.

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