Escobar, the tricolor flag of Australia

Your cover letter is Delray Beach, Tornio ATP 250 He won a few weeks ago in United State Forming a couple with Uruguay Ariel Behar, But resume Gonzalo Escobar It allows you to dream about bigger things, in which case it plays a good role in me Australian OpenOne of the tennis greats.

Without Felipe Caicedo, Lazio were eliminated from the Coppa Italia

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For this, the Ecuadorian athlete is already there Melbourne-Compliance with all requirements set forth in the Biosafety Protocol.

“We have (daily) Two hours of tennis, an hour and a half of physical exercise and an hour of foodAlways under the supervision of the organizers, “said the tri-color racquet, detailing what each of the athletes who don’t present any kind of complication faces with pandemic Perform while waiting for the competition to begin.

The Freedom of movement That you have because you arrived on a flight No positive cases were reported In the tests conducted. Still, he’s on Quarantine Rigor required of all participants (athletes, coaches, journalists, etc.).

He’s been in pro for seven years and five of them have been playing in Futuro Championships. My dream has always been to be in Australia and I have achieved this

Gonzalo Escobar, Ecuadorean tennis player

The 109th edition of Australian Open between February 8 and 21, Under strict biosecurity procedures, which although some victims relate to Coronavirus effects.

Escobar, Who will be in pairs again with Bihar, will compete for the first time in this big dream competition.

“at Australia We want to keep the same idea, the same position from the first round, I think by taking it this way we can have a great tournament, “he added.

schedule of work

Before making his debut at the World Open, Escobar will “warm up” in ATP 250 de Melbourne, call The Great Ocean Road is open. The games will start on January 31.

I touch myself Serving years here and in quarantine (Jan 20), but I took a break because when Australian turns It’s going to be a very intense three weeks. The Australian government is responsible for the health issue and not many players are clear about it. They have arrived 17 tennis trips only And the coaches, three of them were positive Coronavirus disease That is why they all went into quarantine, until the first case of the English variant was discovered and there were those who thought it was us, but this was excluded. “

The Ecuadorian noted that in 2020 things went well, despite the inconvenience he suffered pandemic. He was unharmed, played his first Grand Slam, and entered Top 100 He was in the national team for Davis Cup.

32 years old and born Manta, Gonzalo Escobar exit from Texas Tech University (United States of America). It was South American champion in the U-16 category, And won a medal Gold medal at the Pan-American Games in Lima (Doubles category), in addition to being part of the Ecuadorian national team that reached the World Group Qualifiers Davis Cup 2020. His trademark defending the colors of our country in the Silver Salad Bowl is 7 wins and 5 defeats.

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