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From Sunday 12 June, operators must provide the unique password at the time of contracting the service or in any other country in which the identity of the subscriber is verified through the biometric verification system or the email to which he refers, in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Supervisory Authority Private Communications (Osiptel).

This key, which may be assigned by the Subscriber, will be generated at any of the offices or service centers of operating companies, points of sale or service available to users in the provinces and through other mechanisms approved by Osiptel.

“Companies are not only obligated to provide the unique password, but also to report how it is used. This will allow them to have a tool that provides security regarding the subscriber’s participation in the actions performed in connection with their service”, Osiptel CEO said, Raphael Meot.

This dedicated key will be used in a mandatory manner, starting in September, for new contracts, change of mobile service ownership and mobile SIM replacement, as an additional security mechanism for fingerprint verification. Currently, operators may require the entry of the unique password as a mechanism to verify subscriber identity when making claims, canceling, carrying and restoring equipment, among other actions.

“With this, we seek to avoid identity theft and unwanted employment,” The head of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority indicated.

Each company will determine the unique password length and characteristics. In addition, the regulations state that in no case will the system implemented by the operating company allow its customer service employees to obtain the subscriber’s password.

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Osiptel will implement monitoring, supervision and control procedures in connection with compliance with this procedure. “In the event that the user does not obtain the unique password in a new contract or upon request from the operating company, he can inform this body of his condition to evaluate the procedures to be adopted and manage the delivery of his password”Mwente pointed out.

– Suspicious suspension or replacement –

The regulator also stipulated that, from June 12, operators are obligated to immediately suspend mobile service, when a claim is made due to ignorance of the contract or when the replacement of the SIM card or chip is unknown.

Similarly, in cases of ignorance or doubt about the contracting for the service, portability of the number, change of ownership or replacement of the mobile phone chip, the company shall, at the subscriber’s request, hand over information and documents related to the service. Interrogation, within a maximum of five working days.

From June 12, to replace the mobile phone SIM and restore the phone number, the subscriber must submit the application in person, at any of the offices or service centers of the operator and at points of sale or enabled service.

In addition, operators must verify the identity of the subscriber by displaying a legal identity document and, exceptionally, with a police report in case of loss; and fingerprint verification system.

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