Ennskai: more space for strollers

Steyr. Ennskai is being redesigned. Steyr City Council approved a similar proposal from Neuss and Greens.

“Thanks to its location on the water, Steyr has tremendous potential. If we use it intelligently, it will enhance the entire city center,” says Pete Frize of Neo. The other parties in Steyr City Council could gain a lot from this point of view. Meanwhile, at the invitation of Deputy Mayor Marcus Vogel (SP), a first meeting to gather ideas took place. More to follow.

Sit back and steps to Enns

Previous proposals for a pier area between a footbridge and intermediate bridges include seating, a pop-up café, and access to water along the lines of the new College of Technology building. They wanted to get a closer look at the banks of the Enns in a large area, but of course the traffic area will also have to be redesigned. “One point is the redesign of the lanes from Town Square to Enns. Some of these places are now blocked by parking spaces.”

The car-free Ennskai is not a problem due to its 26 garage exits, and parking spaces should be made available for business and neighbors.

Citizen participation

Interested citizens can contribute their ideas for Ennskai to the development process. Freisais has already contacted Facebook multiple times in the past few weeks. Lots of exciting suggestions have come up. For example, historic raft seating, occasional use of Ennskai for markets or a place for art objects as a magnet for the visitor.

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