Elton John praises “British Jewel” Damon Albarn for his various work


Song maker Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is flocking to star Gorillaz, calling him a “special” songwriter after they worked together on the band’s latest project.

Ice Showbiz – Sir Elton John “Really, really” admire Damon Albarn As a songwriter calling it a “British jewel”.

The 73-year-old singer has collaborated with a number of different artists this year, but the most important one for him was playing the piano and giving vocals to “The Pink Phantom” for GorillazLatest projectThe Lyrics Machine, Season 1: Strange Timing“Because he enjoyed working with the team leader so much.

He said, “I worked with this year Ozzy Osborne, Lady Gaga, Surfaces, And A. Charlie Puth Path that has not yet emerged. ”

“I was in Tiana Taylor Video. But Damon is really special. He is someone who really likes him. ”

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” beat maker has praised Damon as a “British jewel” for his diverse body of business and casting himself in projects that interest him, rather than focusing on what will be commercially successful.

He told Record Collector, “When you see what he did, when you compare him to and Blur With oasis – including his latest album Blur (2015 Magic Whip), which is a masterpiece – and then you look at what he did outside of Blur, he just did a lot of different things. ”

“The just opened opera in Paris has just finished.”

“I think he’s a British gem because he does what he wants, and for him, success is only working with great musicians like Tony AllenJust doing things that matter to him. ”

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“I mean, for f *** he did an album with Bobby Womack! So I admire this mind because it is always looking forward. ”

When writing a song, Elton likes to grab the clue quickly and find Damon opting for a similar process.

He explained, “Damon Albarn is the same. I was talking to him about Gorillaz’s debut album, which I love.”

I said, ‘How did you do that? “I only wrote it when I felt it,” he said. “You have to be in a good mood.”

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