Elon Musk tells followers to use the Signal Messaging App

We know that WhatsApp introduced new terms to its privacy policy two days ago. However, the company said that WhatsApp services on their cell phones will not work after a month and a half from February 8 if they do not accept the newly introduced rules. Under the newly introduced privacy policy, it is important to share user data with services linked to Facebook. WhatsApp shares the user’s personal information, device information, IP address, etc. with Facebook. (Read: Increased prices for Xiaomi Smart TV devices)

However, since the announcement, WhatsApp users have been searching other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. This is mandatory in terms of privacy. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, currently the richest man in the world, urged consumers to “use the signal.” With this, the number of “tag” messenger downloads has increased significantly. Signal tweeted about a technical bug in the app as several new people were trying to join the messaging platform through Signal Group Link. The company released a guide on how to access the signal app from other messaging apps using group link. Note that users cannot transfer their conversations between the two apps.

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