Elon Musk reveals details of Starship, the SpaceX ship that will go to the moon

after the past to update From SpaceX from its Starship in 2019 It will take humans, first to the moon and then to Mars, Elon Musk has revealed new details of the lead-shaped ship after two and a half years of unknowns.

Musk personally for the first time gave a description on the eve of detailed plans for SpaceX’s Starship, a rocket using reusable technology developed by the company.

First announced in September 2016, SpaceX’s Starship rocket is an ongoing work of the space wing of entrepreneur Elon Musk’s companies.

The SpaceX spacecraft, formerly known as the Interplanetary Transportation System (ITS), is 9 meters in diameter, 50 meters in height, and is made almost entirely of carbon fiber composites.

In theory, the missile could launch up to 300 tons into low Earth orbit — twice the payload of the Saturn V, the company’s second most powerful rocket.

On the eve of this, Elon Musk revealed the first official Starship updates in about two years, most recently in 2019, as well as flight tests that the company regularly shares.

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The SpaceX spacecraft could travel to orbit at the end of the year

In the video we shared after Musk’s show, a fully armed spacecraft is taken behind the businessman It promises the first orbital test flight before the end of the year.

However, the launch is subject to the US Federal Aviation Administration completing an environmental assessment of the Starbase launch pad by the end of this month.

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Although in his one-hour speech, Musk did not reveal an exact date for the orbital flightHe said he is fully determined to have the craft reach orbit by December at the latest.

also talked about It plans to build multiple Starships, with a frequency of every three days which means ships can be launched daily in the futureAnd think about future life on Mars.

Finally, he provided information on the ship’s engines, as well as boosters for the Raptor 2 missile, which has 230 tons of thrust, the new Starship promises to reach 250, adding that “from there, everything will improve.”

Starship has also appeared on the Starbase platform on networks such as Twitter:

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