Ella blames Aragon and five ministers for going to Switzerland amid a wave of fires

Salvador Illa, the first secretary of the Peace and Security Council, on Saturday blamed the head of the Generalitat, Pierre Aragon, and several government ministers, who had gone to Geneva for a party meeting in the midst of a wave of fires in Catalonia.

“Mr. Aragon, yesterday was not a day to go to a party meeting in Geneva,” the opposition leader said in a statement from Escola Feminista Dolors Renau, according to the Efe agency.

“It was a day in Catalonia and both the president and five ministers went to Switzerland. Lots of talk about deficits, but the real deficit Catalonia has is the government deficit that exists in the generals,” Ella added.

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The PSC leader again called for dialogue between Catalans in various fields, although this time focused specifically on feminism, and criticized the government as encouraging “a division that makes us weak rather than seeking strength through the common elements of society”.

“In search of the train crash, they derailed the locomotive that had always been Catalonia,” Ella explained.

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