Elections in the United States: 3 states define the intense struggle between Republicans and Democrats for decisive control of the Senate

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image source, Environmental Protection Agency


There are still uncertain battles that will determine who will ultimately control Congress.

Republicans appear to be heading to retake the House, but the final congressional control remains uncertain and will depend on three battles whose outcome remains uncertain.

In the absence of many official results after Tuesday’s elections, the Republican Party will regain control of the House of Representatives, according to expectations, but so far the numbers exclude the “red wave” and show stiff resistance from Democrats in major battles.

According to CBS, a partner of the BBC, Republicans are emerging as a majority in the House of Representatives. They only need to win the five seats now in the hands of the Democrats to regain control.

But the math is more complicated for the Senate, which renews a third of its members with some races very close to predicting a winner.

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