El Telégrafo – Meet Byron Castillo takes place in Switzerland

Byron Castillo’s hearing before FIFA begins at 07:30 (Ecuador time) where the Swiss authorities will take a decision on the player’s case in which he is allegedly accused of wrongdoing in his nationality.

Representatives from the Chilean Professional Football Association (ANFP), the Ecuadorean Football Federation (FEF) and the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) were invited to attend.

The ANFP is aiming for FIFA to sanction Ecuador, for the alleged infraction, and to withdraw the World Cup quota that Tricolor won on the pitch in the CONMEBOL qualifiers, to be allocated to La Roja.

In addition, the FPF also intends to enter the World Cup through the window, because after the elimination in the play-off match against Australia, they hope that a decision by FIFA will leave Ecuador and arrange for the team with the red squad to replace him. , where they “correspond” depending on the score and position in the ranking.

If they do not have a positive decision for the interests of Chile and Peru, they will still have the example of TAS, prolonging the process that has already received a preliminary decision in favor of Ecuador and Castillo and when there are fewer and fewer until the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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