Dsyre: Interview with Andrea Cibelli

Among the main Italian companies that have grown in the esports sector in the last year, there is certainly Dsyre, an organization that among competitive esports and entertainment in less than twelve months has acquired significant segments of the audience and aroused great interest among operators of the Italian scene and not only. Starting with the shoe, in fact, the Dsyre can already boast of an important presence on the international chessboard, which they are aiming for in the near future. However, there is one aspect that should be better understood: What are DSYres esports? We asked Andrea Sibley, co-founder and president of the organization.

Dsyre’s vision is fully consistent with mine, so I know I can speak for the entire organization. We start from the concept that esports is just one of the pillars that define our brand. Indeed, in our opinion, esports is a world now polluted by many other related sectors: gaming in general is a world that permeates and at the same time is influenced by others, like the world of music, urban art, technology, the web, three points zero.

A world that looks young and composed of young people: or not?

I emphasize that it is above all an opportunity for young people (and even non-young people, God forbid), for companies, for brands, for those who want to become a coach or even cover other professional figures who are not exclusively pro-players. Perhaps personalities come from other sectors and bring with them transversal and distinctive skills to the original world of work.

In fact, esports is a business sector.

Yes, but that’s not all. Esports is an opportunity to work but also to talk, not only about an outcome story, but also, for example, a channel for telling human stories. For us, I won’t get tired of repeating it, it’s an opportunity. But above all, as I said at the beginning, it is a movement that has a life of its own in a giant ecosystem.

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When was Dsyre born?

About ten months ago we launched the brand, even if the real creation work had already started a few months ago. It is the result of my experiences abroad between the United States and Europe: Observing the way others see esports helped us get a different and broader view. Initially we started from the territory, from Italy, and gathered the players and creators around us in order to create a community and make our brand and name known. And it wasn’t easy because when you are a new reality you find it hard to trust you. This is why we started from Italy and only then after only a few months focus on internationalization, which we strongly believe in.

Do you want to become a reference point for Italian sports abroad?

We’re already working on this point, yeah, sure. In recent months we have already brought all the texts of all social networks to be international or bilingual. For example, on LinkedIn we decided on the issue of the opportunity to maintain bilingualism but on other social networks, such as Instagram and Twitter, we chose to write only in English. The reason is that we don’t want to pre-exclude what is the largest segment of the audience but also because we want to be the one who represents Made in Italy abroad, even in the games, because it’s something in my opinion. It is not done. We want to achieve excellence in Made in Italy, through a combination of apparel, merchandising and artistic design. And I think that somehow we are already starting to make a name and an expectation of us: less than a year later, being part of the nominations for the best Italian organization at the Italian Esports Awards is proof of that..

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