Drew Locke was injured when the Broncos fell on 26-21 to Pittsburgh – Denver Post

Pittsburgh – Checked by Broncos’ coaching staff after he fell on his right shoulder during offensive play 13 in Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, midfielder Drew Locke jumped off the bench and imitated a throwing move to see if all his parts worked.


The second attempt was not required.

“I was laughing,” said Locke, after the Bronco’s 26-21 defeat. “I’m not going to lose track of it in terms of how funny she feels, but I’ve been throwing football my whole life and I’m not necessarily going to say it felt natural right away.”

Locke is escorted to the medical tent behind the seat and eventually to the locker room, and he’s forced to watch the Broncos’ loss on TV like everyone else in the house.

Broncos is 0-2, but uh-oh-and-2 might be a more appropriate description.

Just two weeks into the start of the season, they saw the midfielder, the accelerating passing elite (von Miller), the top recipient (Cortland Sutton), the best corner player (A.J. Boy), and the co-backlink (Philip Lindsey) back down.

By the time midfielder Jeff Driskill was sacked in fourth out of 15 with 1:51 remaining, Locke had long since disappeared and seriously injured his injury when he appeared on a post-match video conference with his right arm in a sling. Two hours after the match, reports surfaced that Locke would be out in two to six weeks, but a source in the league said no timeline would be set until Locke undergoes an MRI test on Monday morning and the diagnosis is finalized.

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“We will take it day by day,” said Locke. “I am so optimistic.”

That makes 1 person in Broncos County.

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