Dragon Age: Absolution, a new TV series announced on Netflix

During the last day of gaming weekNetflix has revealed a new animated series that will hit the streaming platform in December 2022: Age of the Dragon: Forgiveness.
Based on the hit video game saga, the animated series was actually produced in collaboration with the development company Bioware.

Here is the official description of the series:

Created in collaboration with BioWare (creators of the award-winning Dragon Age video game series), Dragon Age: Absolution is set in Tevinter and features a cast of new characters inspired by Dragon Age history, including elves, wizards, knights, Konari, Knights Templar, demons and special surprises. other”.

Released in first trailer and first artworkWhile other details will be revealed soon.

The Dragon Age: Absolution showrunner is MARGRID SCOTTWhile the awareness is there red dog culture house (Already known as The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf)

Dragon Age: Forgiveness is added to various list TV series based on video games Produced by Netflix, such as Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed Cyberpunk Edgerunners And the chain of strikes mysteriousAnd a second season has been announced.

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