Draghi: “In 2022 we will grow more than Germany, France and the USA” – VIDEO

“The annual growth so far is 3.4%, more than what Mef estimated in April for the whole of 2022. A very positive number if we compare it to the recent past and to all other countries. Comparing with the past you see in the past two years, we have seen exceptional growth and the IMF forecast that we will grow more than Germany France, the European region and the United States. The employment rate is also encouraging.” So, Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the press conference.

Encouraging data on the Italian economy “But there are also looming clouds, the energy crisis, gas prices and the economic slowdown in the rest of the world” chart “alarming predictions for the future. We did very well, the forecast is terrible at the beginning of the year was denied by facts, and now must That we prepare for the third and fourth quarters. We must not underestimate problems, inflation, insecurity” and “of course also political uncertainty, not only our problems but also geopolitics, the crisis in the rest of the world, and that the support we give is to help families, especially the most vulnerable, in A phase of uncertainty and a defense of that recovery that has taken place.”

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