Don’t miss these great movies on Netflix that will also make us think about the future

After a really sparkling month in May, Netflix will also be expanding its catalog for the month of June with the release of plenty of new content that shouldn’t be missed. On the popular streaming portal, in fact, from the next few days it will be possible to watch movies and TV series that will keep us glued to the screen. Among them there are 3 films that have not been released, in particular, and are already on everyone’s lips. In the next few lines we will see what they will be and why you should never lose them.

A look into a bleak future

The first movie that will surprise us with its plot is Spiderhead, which will be shown on Netflix on June 17. It is a film based on George Saunders’ short story Escape from Spiderhead. The action takes place inside a state-of-the-art technology prison, inside which there are no cells, bars or uniforms. Inmates are only given the opportunity to voluntarily implant devices capable of administering medications that change their mind. Thus, in exchange for a reduced sentence, some prisoners accept this proposal. Although medications allow for improvement in mood and cognitive abilities, at some point the experiments take a different turn. Indeed, many prisoners begin to question everything, complain that they no longer have the right to free will.

Don’t miss these great movies on Netflix that will also make us think about the future

However, starting June 3, it will be possible to watch a new movie on Netflix titled The Interceptor, directed and written by Matthew Reilly. Among the heroes we find wonderful Elsa Pataky, who will play JJ Collins, a military commander who will have to defend a nuclear missile base in the Pacific Ocean. Collins will face a difficult situation as Alexander Kessel, a former intelligence agent, wants to attack and sabotage the base.

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A must-see documentary!

Finally, on June 19, the long-awaited documentary Civil: Ben Crump will be released. The documentary will focus on the biography and story of Ben Crump, a world-renowned American civil rights attorney. In fact, he is currently the lawyer for the families of Briona Taylor, Jacob Blake, Ahmed Arbery and George Floyd, victims of US police officers. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Nadia Hallgren, this documentary focuses on issues of social justice, rights, and equality in America. Therefore, these wonderful films that will allow us to take a new look at the reality that surrounds us should not be missed at all.

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