Donald Trump Honors Bill Peelisik

MUNICH / WASHINGTON, DC – It should have been an extraordinary weekend for Bill Belisik. He’s usually on the sidelines with the New England Patriots in January, too. But for the first time in eleven years, the coach missed the qualifiers with a score of 7: 9.

The 68-year-old must have a reason to be happy. As reported by several US media outlets, US President Donald Trump plans to award Bleshik the “Medal of Freedom.” Confirmation of the Patriots remains pending.

The highest civilian award in the country

Along with the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor, the Medal of Freedom is one of the two largest civilian awards in the United States.

Founded in 1963 by then-President John F. Kennedy, the award aims to reward individuals who “have made an exceptional contribution to America’s security or national interests, world peace, or in cultural activities or other important public or private endeavors.”

During his presidency, Trump honored a total of 24 people. Belisik will now be the last American citizen before Trump is forced to leave the White House on January 20.

There is friendship between Trump and Beleshik

They have been friends for many years. Ahead of the 2016 US election, the Bates coach wrote a letter to the Republican endorsing his candidacy and commending him for his work.

“Our friendship goes back many years and I think anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me knows that I am not a political person,” Bilesik said.

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