Details in Google Search .. WhatsApp Clarity

Details in Google Search .. WhatsApp Clarity

InternetDesk: WhatsApp groups details that appeared back in Google searches were the talk of town. Excited that someone can easily search through Google and join through the group invite link there. WhatsApp recently responded to this. Issued a statement about this bug.

We have been using the “no index” tag on deep link pages since March of last year without WhatsApp groups details appearing in Google search. We also shared the same with Google. Although WhatsApp did not mention that it completely resolved the issue, the group details disappeared from Google Search after WhatsApp explained.

It came to light on Sunday when cybersecurity researcher Rajasekhar Rajhariya tweeted that WhatsApp group details appeared in a Google search. WhatsApp resolved the problem around the time something similar happened in February of last year. WhatsApp recently commented on the recent disclosure of details in Google Search. However, Rajasekhar said that simply saying “no indication” would not solve the problem. Big companies like WhatsApp have suggested that alternative thinking should be done with users’ privacy in mind.

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