Benioff and Weiss work on a new mod for Netflix

Benioff and Weiss, the duo behind Game of Thrones, develop an adaptation of Richard Bowers’ Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Whisper of the World, for Netflix.

Pens that are much discussed behind Game of thronesAnd the David Benioff and DB Weiss, They cooperate with her Netflix On the quote for Richard Powers’ famous novel, World whisper (Original address: Exaggeration), Pulitzer Prize winner 2019.

Bowers’ twelfth novel is about five trees whose unique and one-off life experiences will unite those of nine Americans to confront forest destruction together. It has been described as “an emotional act of activism and resistance” and “rooted in environmental principles”.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, the CEO of Netflix said, Red Hastings, He said The Whisper of the World was the last great book he read.

It is a great example of how storytelling can help build understanding and empathy. Original and deep. I have to admit that my reading of the novels has decreased a lot in recent years, so our family agreed that we’d be reading one thing together on vacation, and luckily, we chose Whisper of the World.

Hastings also added that while he was fascinated by the “interconnected trees” in the novel, he had some doubts about the chances of the visual adaptation being successful. So Benioff and Weiss will have come up with a very compelling project, although at the moment it is not clear if it is a movie or a TV series. The duo signed a huge deal with Netflix in 2019 and are also actually working on another scene mod, which is Liu Cixin’s popular novel. The problem of the three bodies.

The news regarding the adaptation of Whisper of the World was rejected as a Monday morning advertisement by Black Bear Pictures and Plan B Entertainment, as the two production companies teamed up to obtain the film rights for the next Powers novel. Baffled.

Set in the near future, amid a slow degradation of the earth, the novel will follow a widowed father who will have to undergo experimental neurotherapy to save his unusual and somewhat troubled nine-year-old son. Al-Heera is expected to be released this fall in the United States.

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