Dominic Tim talks about his new passion – tennis

Dominic Tim and his new girlfriend, Lily Paul Roncalli, made their relationship official a few days ago. © Social Media

Shortly before leaving Wednesday for Australia, as he finishes preparations for the 2021 season in Adelaide, Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem also commented on the special developments.

Said the 27-year-old US Open winner Ö3 About his new love for 22-year-old Lily Paul Roncalli. “The past few weeks have been wonderful. Let’s see what happens in the future,” Tim said.

“I just put in a picture, that was actually all. There have been some rumors in the last few weeks, and now I want to finish that before I take off,” explained Tim, who posted on January 7 a photo of the circus daughter and the winner of “Let’s Dance” On social media and that’s why he made his relationship official. He will comment a little more on this on his blog in the next few days. “The photo has already caused enough noise.”

The artist, who also works as a model, cannot accompany the third-party in the rankings at the moment due to the aura metrics. Additionally, according to Tim: “Everything is still very new …”

Get ready for the Australian Open to start

In terms of sports, Tim is finally starting. On Wednesday, he travels for the first time to Adelaide, where he, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal as well as his best friend Denis Novak are attending as a coaching partner unlike the majority of the tennis elite (in Melbourne) and the tournament, quietly attending the ATP Cup and the Australian Open can prepare.

“I’m going to improve there,” said Tim, who will meet his coach Nicholas Masu again in Australia.

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