Does Lowe’s price match during Black Friday? Details on the Lowe pricing match policy are here

Thanksgiving is celebrated across the United States on Thursday, November 26, 2020, which was followed by Black Friday the next day, which is today November 27, 2020. Once Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday arrive, nearly all stores begin to lower their prices and offer various offers. Unparalleled for its customers. Retailers are under intense competition from their rival stores. Often customers get confused about where to purchase the product they are from since almost all stores and retailers offer it at a discount. Which confuses the buyer where to actually buy it.

This is where price matching comes in handy. Some retailers and online stores match competitors’ prices or even beat them if the customer finds a better deal elsewhere. The goal for customers here is to see which stores are participating in Black Friday price matching and which aren’t. With Black Friday sales and price matching continuing, a lot of people were curious about Lowe’s price-matching policy and were wondering about Lowe’s price match during Black Friday. For all the people curious about Black Friday’s Lowe price matching policy, here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Does Lowe’s price match on Black Friday

For all of the people wondering to match the Lowe’s price during Black Friday, the answer is yes. According to a report by, Lowe’s are participating in the Black Friday price match. Additionally, the store is also outperforming its own rates as well over its previous purchases from the last 30 days. Which means if a customer brought in an item at full price from Lowe in the last month, they can take advantage of the Black Friday price if the item goes on sale. However, some brands, fixing labor, sealing, discontinuation, clearance, refurbishment, used or damaged are not eligible in Lowe’s Price Matching Policy. Here’s a look at how to take advantage of Lowe’s Price Match Guarantee as mentioned on the official website.

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Lowe Price Match Guarantee

  • Shop at any Lowe store for in-stock products. Then, find an identical product in stock (brand, size, model number) from a local retail competitor or online at a lower price.
  • Offer linked store Lowe with print, local ad, image, smartphone screen or app showing the lowest price for a competitor. Only matched prices for online items will be compared to local competitors’ online prices.
  • Lowe’s store partner will verify that the product aligns with our policy and match the price promptly.

Image Credits: Twitter Lowe

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