Do you remember? Scottie Pippen time in Finland and Sweden

Scottie Pippin He hung his shoes in 2004 at the age of 39. After a legendary career in the United States, it seemed that he had already given everything he had to basketball, but after a few years the insect bit him again: Pippen wanted to return. He had been training for several months with different players but the top level never finished knocking on his door. He decided to take another route.

In January 2008, Pepin went to Europe to play three matches in two different countries. Destinations will be Finland With Torpan Pojat and Sweden With Sundsvall Dragons. In some interviews, he raised high hopes and performed very well.

At their meeting in Sweden, which appears in the video

Take a look at the CV Scottie Pippin It’s realizing we’re talking about youNot one of the best players of all time. Six times NBA champion, seven times all Stars, one time All-Star Game Player of the Year, three times a member of the First Ideal Quintet of the season and eight times the First Defensive Quintet. Number 33 retired before Chicago Bulls, Included in the NBA 50th Anniversary of the All-Time Team He was part of the dream team that stunned the world at Barcelona 92. However, life and career of Michael Jordan’s luxurious square have never been easy. definitely.

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