Do you do a lot of online shopping? The new Gmail feature is perfect for you

No need to use apps to track your shipments: the new Gmail will do it for you.

slowly, gmail It adds more and more functions and tools that take the app away from being the simple email manager it was in the beginning. 18th Anniversary Bringing a lot of new features to the service, and Google wants to keep improving them Services It simplifies the lives of users.

The last one to arrive is perfect for all these people Tend to shop onlineThey want to track shipments of their products. As did Google itself through his knowledge ArticlesBelow Gmail will take care of tracking shipments To show user progress on their packages.


Gmail, Google’s email client.

Gmail will track product shipments for you

According to Google, the job will be available in the coming weeks, and will appear in emails associated with buy products. At the top there will be a file A box showing the process the shipment has followed so faras well as information about their delivery.

In order to use this feature, users must pre-activated. Google explains that, soon, a notification will appear at the top of your email inbox, with which you can Activate tracking of purchased products. At first, yes, this job It will only be available in the USalthough it is expected to eventually reach the rest of the regions over time.

Gmail Order Tracking

Gmail will be able to track shipments of products you buy online.

Another interesting function is the possibility Notification of delayed orders. It will arrive in the next few months, thanks to which Gmail will be able to Determine if the package is late Notifies the user, and returns the mail associated with the request to the top of the inbox.

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