Do not open this SMS, it is a scam

Bad news for the French customers of the Orange operator. a Size scam It is currently affecting many individuals due to its well designed SMS. Regarding the latter, it is written that the operator introduces a procedure to compensate customers Malfunctions that occurred during confinement.

Don’t count on it, and don’t open those SMS. Unfortunately, this is a scam that uses the phishing method, which is one of the most popular among malicious people on the web. Thanks to the reporter Julien Cholin from France Télévisions, we were able to discover in detail the stages that await Orange customers that fall into the trap.

Orange customer: steps not to take

to warn of The danger of Orange SMS scamsShow the journalist the different steps when clicking on the link in the message. Indeed, this refers to a site described as ” very good work “ By Julien Cholin, with a similar title to an operator’s third party site called “accountorange”.

The most dangerous: the message is sent on the operator’s Orange channel, which you may have saved in your contacts. massive standard Which could lead to misinformation Most skeptical or aware of phishing and cybersecurity issues for 2021. For the journalist, Orange SMS messages were sent directly to the operator discussion thread, after the official messages.

Once the malicious site is accessed, a real customer journey is displayed and the procedure appears, once again, very dangerous. The customer’s number, name and address are required. Then the compensation amount is displayed. However, you are prompted to save a file Coordinates of your card Banking Services. Which should put you in trouble.

Do not save this information, which will be of no use to compensate, and much more to empty your bank account. With this information, attackers can do just about anything, without even realizing it at the time (withdrawals are often small amounts that only become a problem over time).

Orange responds, his advice

Finally, note that Orange responded to Julien Cholin. The operator confirmed on Twitter that « supported separate them” of the problem. In addition, the company only invites you to report this type of spam on the platform. On the platform, it is also recommended المستحسن Resend message To 33700. The number is free for Orange, Bouyges Telecom, Euro-Information Telecom and SFR customers.

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