Djokovic will return to Australia if given the opportunity

Novak Djokovic continues to progress in Roland Garros 2022 With a crushing rhythm. Jazz Biden could do little to stop him today, the day the Serb approved his pass to the Round of 16 in Paris, where he will face Diego Schwartzman. It was also a day for the stars at the tournament facilities: due to the Champions League final in Paris, several characters appeared during the Serbia match. Novak was asked about them, but he also received an interesting question about the change of government in Australia: does this mean that they can change the status of his visa, which is canceled today, to travel to Australia? responds to everything Press Conference.

After Biden’s defeat, the next round against Schwartzman was complicated

“Diego is one of the fastest players on the track. His best results were on clay, and there is no doubt that he is a very tough opponent. I know him well, we played very good matches on different surfaces. Against him… you always expect one ball after another to come to you.” I’m ready for that physical fight I haven’t spent much time on the court yet and hit the ball really well, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Football legends watching their match

“Yes, I saw that Arsene (Wenger) and Seedorf were there. It is such an honor that the legends of the football world come to see you. Most of us tennis players are also football fans. We know them, we see them, we see the teams, the national teams and all the competitions. People with such a high level of success and VIPs come to see you live. This gives you extra motivation: I saw Arsene at the start of the match and he made a positive impression on me, and gave me more motivation to do well in front of him.”

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The complicated situation of Boris Becker in prison

“It breaks my heart that he has to go through with this. I don’t want to go into whether the process was fair, what was done or not. As someone who considers Boris to be a friend and a family member, we have had the privilege of our relationship over the years, he has always been good to me and my family, Especially when we worked together for three years and achieved great things together, even when we stopped working together, our relationship went on smoothly. I am in touch with one of his sons, Noah, I asked him if there was anything I could do. I try to be there, with his family members , because I can’t relate to him. It’s awful, I don’t know what to say. It’s sad this guy I know so well who, above all, a legend of our sport, is going through this. I hope he stays strong.”

The refugees he was with were released from detention and Australia changed its government. Will he come back next year?

“If it is true and they have all left there, I am very happy for them. I know it was a very difficult period for them, especially for those who have been there for nine years. I was only there for a week, I can’t even imagine how it happened For nine years. They did nothing wrong, they were asking for asylum and had to stay there for nine years. It’s something I will never understand, but if he could shed some light on the situation, in a positive way for them, that would make me happy. Makes them happy. Extremely, because they’ll have a new chance in a different country. Sometimes we take freedom for granted. Until you live something like that and realize it’s the circumstances, not when you have no idea what it is, really, let freedom be snatched from your hands.

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Regarding the change of government, yes, I heard the news, but I don’t know anything about my visa, if it will be returned and I will be allowed to go back to Australia. Truth, I would. I would like to travel there and play the Australian Open. I don’t hold any grudges. What happened happened. If I had the opportunity to go back to Australia and play in a place where I had the greatest success of my career at a Grand Slam level, I would obviously want to come back. We’ll see what happens.”

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