Different Types of Coffee

Brewed coffee

 Chikerato coffee is one of the most classic drinks of summer. Fresh and tasty, it is easy to prepare even at home. About twenty ice cubes, 4 cups of espresso and a few drops of glucose syrup were placed in a metal shaker and everything was quickly shaken with decisive movements for about twenty seconds.

Finally, you can add a glass of Baileys liqueur to taste. The result will be coffee with a delicious cream on top.

American coffee

 American coffee, or distilled coffee as the Americans correctly call it, is an infusion similar to preparing tea.

 In fact, American coffee differs from espresso also in the composition of the mixture and in the roasting and grinding of the beans.

A special machine is used that generally comes with a coffee filter and a spoon measuring the mixture. It is usually drunk in a large cup, mug.

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Turkish or Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee, or Turkish coffee, is a specific type of coffee preparation that is widespread in Turkey and the Arab countries. The origin of Turkish coffee probably dates back to the 16th century.

Turkish coffee should be drunk in small and small cups. To make Turkish coffee, a special copper bowl called “cezve” with a long handle is used, two teaspoons of coffee powder and one teaspoon of sugar are inserted.

Then add a cup of water and heat on gas. As soon as the coffee begins to boil, foam appears. Put the foam in the cup. Put the pot back on the stove and bring it to a boil again. Before you can drink Turkish coffee, you have to wait for the coffee powder to settle to the bottom. Spices such as cinnamon or cardamom are often added.

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Ginseng coffee

 Ginseng coffee is a drink of Asian origin. It is similar to coffee with milk, the color given by milk cream, sugar, instant coffee, and dry ginseng extract.

In the early 2000s, ginseng coffee began to spread in Italy in the form of tablets with the help of automatic machines for dispensing soluble products.

They are also found in shops and supermarkets in packaging suitable for home consumption, similar to tea bags or capsules. See Aralia Caffè Ginseng is gluten-free.

Moroccan coffee

 At the bar, Moroccan coffee is served in a transparent cup. Make espresso, sprinkle with bitter cocoa, add a layer of hot milk foam and sprinkle bitter cocoa again. It’s like a mini cappuccino where coffee prevails over milk.

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