Diego Maradona, the most immortal

However, without mentioning those problems, Maradona’s story has not been cleaned up. It is quirky. These struggles did not improve him as a player. Instead, they would prevent him from achieving everything he could have done and, in the end, shorten his career.

But if imperfections diminish what Maradona is, then they refine what he is like for those who watched him, those who adored him. That such beauty could emanate from such turmoil made it mean something more; It gave him an resonance that extended far beyond his formidable ability. His darkness sharpened the features of his light.

Thirty-two years before Maradona was born, writer Borocotó – editor Draw, The most prestigious and leading sports magazine – the country has proposed to erect a statue of the so-called Baby: The street child with a dusty face and “tricky eyes”, “mane of hair rebelling against the comb” and “glittering look” that not only represent Argentina’s football culture, but also its self-image as a country.

Maradona was the platonic ideal of BabyAll the talented skill and reckless cunning. He captured the spirit that Borocotó made immortal more than any player – more than anyone would have thought possible – not just as a teen, and he’s fresh Potrero, But throughout his career.

All those iconic images of Maradona are traces of a soul Baby: Jumping high over Peter Shilton, England goalkeeper, and the goal he was joking around – with a “Picaresky laugh” that matches Porokuto ‘s description – has been scored before God’s hand; Dance, two minutes later, through the entire England team to score the “Goal of the Century”, the blow that would pay Commentator Victor Hugo Morales To declare him “guilty of heaven”; Against the entire Belgian team, the ball is at its feet, an image of fear Their faces.

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No matter how he flew, Maradona has not gone far from his roots. he was Baby When he debuted, A. Baby When he single-handedly led Argentina to the World Cup Finals in 1986, then returned to the Final four years later. he was Baby When Barcelona made him the most expensive player on the planet and when he took Napoli not once but two Italian league titles. he was Baby Even when he conquered the world.

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