Did Tom Herman Save His Job By Winning Baylor?

What would the hot seat placement of Texas soccer coach Tom Herman look like after the Baylor Bears were sent off in a must-have match on October 24th?

There was a decisive match for the fourth football coach of the year in Texas Tom Herman This weekend, they confront the inconsistent and devastating Baylor Bears led by first-year head coach (and former LSU Tigers Defense Coordinator) Dave Aranda. Texas entered this match, with a score of 2-2 (1-2 Big 12).

Meanwhile, Aranda’s Bears entered this match with a record 1-1 (1-1 Big 12). Baylor has not played a match since October 3, in the opening game Big 12, when they traveled to Morgantown and lost to the West Virginia Mountaineers in overtime. Baylor’s only win of the season so far came over the Kansas Jaihawks in the opening game of the Big 12 at home on September 26.

In a game that caused some concern for Longhorns fans against Baylor the curmudgeon, Team Herman managed to win. They dominate the game most of the time, which is unusual in its 40-acre run against the Big 12 team.

What did Texas soccer team Tom Herman need to do this weekend

In one aspect, this game was just as good as the way Herman’s Longhorns showed. On another note, however, Texas had a clear chance of sidelining a struggling Baylor team midway through the second half, but was once again unable to get the job done. Texas really hasn’t been able to turn away any big opponent 12 since last season.

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This was their best chance to do so during the 2020 campaign, at least for the moment.

At one point, Texas led 27-3 over Baylor and had all the momentum. Baylor attempted to return by winning 13 straight points in the second half. A recent lead from superstar midfielder Sam Ellinger helped officially set the game away from the Longhorns. Since they did not score in that last race, Texas won the final score 27-16.

Longhorns managed to achieve at least one double-digit victory during the first four matches of the Big 12’s table. This was clearly a big deal for Longhorns to get back on track in the Big 12.

The first step to keeping Hermann out of tension, at least compared to what he had been during Farewell Week, was taking interest in business in a compelling manner against Baylor. And you have to think this is what Hermann and the Longhorns were able to do this weekend.

Where should soccer go in Texas from here?

The Herman and Longhorns really need to get through the next two games of the season with no more than one loss. The Longhorns’ next two matches come against the Oklahoma State Cowboys and West Virginia. Neither of these matches will be easy for Texas, but they can win either way given the talent and experience on the list.

Texas ranks higher than Oklahoma, which entered the 2020 college football season. If Herman can finally get this group to congregate around Ehlinger (who has spent another strong day driving this crime), they could score two wins against Oklahoma and West Virginia.

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The next flight on Longhorns Road is slated to take off this coming weekend, on October 31, against No. 6-ranked Oklahoma and longtime head coach Mike Gundy. Oklahoma got a close win over the 17th-ranked Iowa hurricanes at home on October 24.

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Texas now has a record 3-2 (2-2 Big 12), with wins over Baylor, Texas Tech and UTEP. It was Herman’s first home win in the Big 12 of the season so far. They won’t go home again until November 7, when they face coach Neil Brown and the Mountaineers at DKR.

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