Philippines nearly 1,800 people evacuate as Tropical Storm Moulaf approaches

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October 25, 2020 2:21:59 pm

People walk in flood waters in Calwag City, Quezon Province, Philippines, October 21, 2020 in this image obtained from social media. (Municipal Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management – Kalwag / via Reuters)

The Philippines evacuated nearly 1,800 people and suspended cruises as Tropical Storm Moulaf is expected to bring widespread rains over two areas in the southern part of the main island of Luzon on Sunday.

Tropical cyclone warnings have been issued in several provinces in the Bicol and Calabarzon regions, with Moulaf expected to make landfall later in the day while crossing southern Luzon, the National Meteorological Office said.

He warned in a bulletin that “more intensification before landing over the Bicol region is still likely.”

Molaf comes on the heels of Tropical Storm Soudl, which last week caused widespread flooding in the Quezon region, in the Calabarzon region, southeast of Manila.

She added that after crossing the Philippine archipelago, Mollaf density is expected to continue over the South China Sea, and may reach hurricane category by Tuesday evening.

Sea travel operations have been canceled in the Calabarzon region, with 662 people reported to be stranded in ports due to high winds, according to the Disaster Control Agency.

In Bicol counties, a total of 532 families, or 1,789 people, have been proactively evacuated to temporary shelters, she added.

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