DHB President: Michelmann: Beach handball should finally be Olympic

Status: 07/16/2022 3:33 PM

After the German beach handball team won the World Games in the USA, DHB President Andreas Michelmann called for the sport to be included in the Olympic programme.

“If the International Olympic Committee is serious about the continued questioning of the Olympic program and its development with attractive disciplines, then it is time for such a wonderful sport as beach handball to become Olympic,” the president of the German Handball Federation said in a statement issued by the federation. .

After Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, has come up with an idea of ​​the sport’s appeal at the World Games, Michelmann hopes a presence as an exhibition competition in Paris in 2024 will be the next step. “For Los Angeles 2028, I expect a real movement and the inclusion of beach handball in the Olympic Games programme,” said the 62-year-old.

The DHB team won the World Games title on the night of July 16th by beating Norway 2-0. It was the third major win after winning the European Championship last year and the World Championship a few weeks ago.

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