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It’s Saturday around 10 or 2 o’clock, the sun is shining, the birds chirp, and the familiar “clock” can be heard from the parking lot when a wooden bat sends a baseball into the sky. The music moved closer to the speakers a little. Spectators aren’t currently allowed into Eglfing Sports Park, the “Foodstore” is fortified, but few visitors come anyway, they stand behind the fence. “Sympathy for the Devil” by Rolling Stones is currently playing, in what is called a bunker, the shooter throws himself warm. He’s tall, has long blonde hair and suddenly sings in an American accent: “What baffles you is the nature of my game…” For a baseball player, you can translate it as follows: You can’t match the way I play. The spring-like atmosphere gives the feeling that normal life is gradually returning. After all, the Bundesliga baseball is allowed to play. However, what he is about to play on the field is not normal at all.

Because the archer presented himself on Saturday to the disciples of Munich-Haar, Zach Tres, who was cast in such a satanic manner that the disciples, in German: disciples, play well suddenly, as if they had sold their souls. Although they lost the Corps soldiers 0:10 to front-runner Regensburg on Friday evening, the disciples defeated the Upper Palatinate in a thrilling 5: 4 match on Saturday at home. “I’ll be back well,” said coach Alex Tufts with a smile. It was the first against the Legion in three years, all unexpected given the events of the previous evening. This was mainly due to Tres, who showed the experienced club bats Regensburg what he could do in the first round: with a total of only two lost throws, he brought three players back to the bench.

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Two wins and six defeats – but it looks like there’s still a lot possible for Harn this season

The sovereign performance promptly spurred his attack, as they promptly advanced 2–0 against powerful Regensburg striker Caleb Bowman. “The starting marksman also plays a very important role in the attack,” says Tufts, stating that Tris led his teammates. But the defense also did a lot to maintain and expand the lead in the beginning. The rescues of the player at 3rd base, Francisco Restra, were especially stunning. In attack, Nate Thomas managed his first home tour of the season in the fourth round.

Tres lasted six good rounds, then the favorite seemed to be back after all, 4: 4 Regensburg Draw. Sean Kwan took charge of Treece and was able to keep the Legion at bay in the eighth inning. But the self-esteem of the disciples now strengthened, and the attack won another point, which Daniel Patrice returned home. When Matt Vance of Regensburg missed the last throw minutes later and fell into the catcher’s glove, loud cheers erupted behind the fence. It was the club’s second win out of six defeats, but it suddenly showed that much remains possible this season.

Getting in from Arkansas was difficult, says Trace, who once played with Will Thorpe’s hair mask in Australia

Immediately after the match, Tris held a bottle of Munich beer in his hand when he spoke briefly about himself at an appropriate distance. Played Will Thorpe Hair Mask in Australia for a year. The connection between the thrower and the hunter is crucial to the game, so this fact is not completely insignificant as Treece’s first appearance was so good. “Will knows exactly how I want to design a game, and I know which ads he likes to make,” Tress says of the catcher’s friend. Entry from the US state of Arkansas was, of course, complicated, due to the quarantine that he was not even able to train properly.

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Coach Tufts is then asked what he expects from Tris. He answers, “He should do what he did today.” After that, it would be possible to win every match day in the second match, in which shooters from outside the European Union are allowed to compete. Hence, the position is much better in the scale than the current rank of six out of eight. Anyway, Har’s disciples are really happy to meet the man from Arkansas.

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