Deutz-Fahr 5DS / DF TTV: Stepless Technology and Maximum in Smaller Spaces

A total of three compact outdoor widths are available for each of the Deutz-Fahr Special 5DS / F / V Tractors – each with manual gearbox, 3-speed transmission or continuously variable engine.

New series with better equipment
The self-proven operating concept of large tractors has been transferred to the new 5 Series DS / DF TTV and adapted to the compact, slim cab. The result is a driver’s seat-mounted multifunction armrest, which is only 20 cm wide, combines maximum ease of use with maximum practicality. The driver’s arm rests on a comfortable rack, and the functions are operated intuitively after a short time.
The drive speed can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 40 km / h and is achieved at a low fuel-saving engine speed of only 1,650 rpm (28-inch tires).
The newly developed four-poster cabin provides generous interior space with compact exterior dimensions and flat cabin floor.
The hydraulic system is also available in various configurations. The different configurations always have a load sensing pump with a delivery rate of 100 l / min, a separate steering pump and a capacity of 42 liters. Up to six additional controllers available up front; Up to five are at the rear, and all of them can be controlled in terms of time and flow rate.

Deutz-Fahr has been producing practical and reliable narrow-track tractors for decades.
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  • One like no other. New narrow-track dozer from Deutz Fahr with TTV transmission: Deutz-Fahr

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