Destinia has already surpassed pre-Covid bookings in Mexico, the United States and Brazil

During the third trimester

RR | Madrid | October 6, 2021

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For Destinia, in US destinations, the level of bookings in the third quarter compared to 2019 shows a growth of 134% in Mexico, 107% in Brazil and 125% in the United States.

Ricardo Fernandez, CEO of Destinia explains that “Destinia has benefited from the great efforts made before the pandemic to grow in other markets and maintain ambitions through 2020.”

Thus Destinia was able to return to pre-academic summer booking and billing levels, primarily driven by the recovery of the Spanish, Portuguese and French markets in Europe, and the “excellent” performance of the United States, Mexico and Brazil in America.

The travel agency notes that in the third quarter of the year, the level of pre-pandemic reservations was exceeded by 8% and the data for the third quarter of 2020 improved by 55%. The increase in global bookings translated into a 9% growth in the company’s sales volume this summer compared to 2019 and an 84% growth compared to 2020.

Online travel agencies are positioning themselves as major sales channels in recent times, according to recent studies, and some like Destinia assert who already have reservations for travel to the Caribbean in 2021.

Ricardo Fernandez explained that the most popular destinations are Mexico (with Playa del Carmen and Cancun) and the Dominican Republic with Punta Cana. “Reservations in Cuba are almost negligible,” the manager explained at the time. Prices have varied widely, because according to Fernandez, the average ticket has fallen from €935 in 2019 to €1707 for 2021.

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Other online travel agencies such as Almundo have also confirmed the Caribbean as a reference destination in travel and package searches (Almondo: Searches focus on “all inclusive” and the Caribbean).

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