“Despair” ends with a devastating loss

After this night, there will only be two episodes left of supernatural – Thanks to the events of “Despair” tonight’s episode of the series, these episodes will take place without a character who has been a staple of the series for years. In an episode that saw a lot of bigger-than-life things happen, and a number of fan favorite characters seem to have ceased to exist, one can easily fall into the trap of assuming that everything will be undone by the season’s end. . But one personal sacrifice was made in a way that is clear: That’s goodbye.

The episode had movement, risks, and honest speech. And when it was all over, fans left crying and a new hashtag was born – a sign that CW had anticipated, as you can tell because it has the Impala emoji already attached to it.

Spoilers are waiting in tonight’s “Despair” episode supernatural.

With the episode over, Castiel (Misha Collins) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) find themselves confined to a room in the basement, trying to figure out a way to get away from death (Lisa Perry), who is determined to take Dean. In what turns out to be her last appearance, Death (originally a reaper known as Billy) thus reflects an episode of “Advanced Thanatology”, Season 13 in which she first appears as the new death, and in the end, she is persuaded to allow for a brief period – the return of Dean is dead To the land of the living.

Reservation is something that plays a big part in what happened in the episode: At the start of the season, after they try to destroy Jack, Castiel is furious with the Winchesters, and their relationship rocky starts as the show comes to an end.

“Be it Dean / Cass, Dean / Sam, and Sam / Cass, our guys have fought a lot and always found a way to get back together,” Show director Andrew Dab told reporters during a press roundtable at Comic-Con International in San Diego in 2019. “They are a family at the end of the day, and I think the same will happen here. But with that being said, it might be a rocky road.”

This rocky road has reached a decisive end tonight, as Castiel finds a way to literally cheat death, save Dean (and thus possibly the universe), and speak his truth all at once.

In a heart-wrenching speech, Castiel reminded Dean (and the audience) of the deal he struck with The Empty – that if he finds a moment of true happiness, The Empty will come and consume it. Cass found that happiness when he told Dean how he really felt about him – that Dean was the kindest and most loving man he had ever known, that he loved him, and that through Dean, he loved the rest of the world as well.

Cass pushed Dean out of the way, leaving a handprint on his friend’s shoulder the same way it was when he rescued Dean from Hell, and when Empty came to take Castiel, he picked up Billy with him, and they both out of existence.

The hashtag #CastielForever is, at the moment, home to a lot of supernatural Fans mourned the loss of the character – despite recent comments by Jensen Ackles suggesting this supernatural He could be back on HBO Max in five years or so, so it might be safe to assume that anything done here can be undone if they want to undo the streak.

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supernatural It airs Thursday nights at 8 PM EST / PDT on The CW.

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