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religious employment Pennsylvania Delivered on Friday, October 15, 2021, A an offer Five loaves and two fish, the same amount – they said – that Jesus performed the miracle attributed to him by feeding thousands of his followers, the Democratic Senator, Bob CaseySupport is required of them Immigration reform It would give a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants.

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religious, accompanied by immigrants, to the building that houses the federal senator’s office carrying signs that read, “We have American dream‘ or ‘Now is the time, all children of God are essential’ as they handed over the basket with them parts And fish ready to eat

Although the alliance asked the office Casey Waiting for them, the office remained closed and the delivery was made to building security agents.

According to Peter Bademonte of the Philadelphia Sanctuary Movement, the event’s organizer, the first impulse of the disciples of Jesus Christ to ask people to leave was because there was no food comparable to Congress’ actions not to extend the reform bill in. 11 million undocumented It is estimated to be in the country.

So far, there are only about eight million on that list: TPS recipients (TPS), bringing young people into the country in their childhood, working in agriculture and other necessities.

insisted that they resorted to re-creation A passage from the Bible Because it’s a time of need for “leadership and action,” and that’s what they’re asking the federal senator Casey, who hope he will keep his promise to support the project and asks the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, That ignores the opinion of Elizabeth McDonough, the Senate official who has so far been blocking the reform bill from being processed.

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He stated that Democrats “have made a lot of promises” and that it is time to keep them because people are “frustrated, angry and disappointed.”

We ask Harris An immigrant, identified as Andy, said in front of a table, laying outside Desk from CaseyAnd there are ten baskets of loaves.

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